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Just a note to let you know how much I love this whitener! I had great results with only one sitting 30 minutes, unbelievable! I'm telling all my friends and giving them your ebay store address! Everyone who has seen my teeth ask where to get it, hopefully it will bring you some more business. I know my sister will be purchasing some, I emailed your store to her! She paid $300 to have hers done (mine look better!) I can actually smile now and feel good doing so! I'll be a customer for life, Thanks again...
Have a nice week, Robert

Hello again,
Just wanted to thank you for shipping so quickly and let you know my sister purchased some of the whitener also from you! It really made a tremendous difference in the color of my teeth, I LOVE IT! I've been telling everyone!
Thanks again....
Have a nice week,....Robert

Got this wonderful product with incredible speed, just as  you say! I noted in advance that you don't discount shipping, but when I received all three orders in a single> box at    lightning speed, I realized you have done so. When it
comes to teeth whitening, THIS IS THE ONE!!! Thanks for it.

I received your teeth whitening product today. I bought it  from a web site, not ebay. I would love to leave you GREAT  feedback except I have no link to do so. The shipping was  lightening fast!!!! price great! I am very happy with  transaction and would highly recommend to everyone and will  do business again,

Just As advertised. Product works better than competitors, Got it FAST and this gel works FAST, THANKS,

Dear Jay,
Thank you so much ! It is so nice to do business with someone who is so honorable & helpful - I had been out of town, but I had my boyfriend check my mail on Monday, because I did not want it to get hot, but it may have arrived on Saturday, I don't know - I hope it wasn't my fault, I've never had that happen, but I keep it refrigerated once I get it - I have been trying different types of bleach & I have several friends waiting to hear which one I like, so hopefully I will be able to get you some more business - certainly a person couldn't ask for anyone more pleasant & responsive to do business with -  I really appreciate it & I will give you feedback right  away- thanks again so much -

Here's a testimonial you may use!
I began whitening my teeth about two years ago and was buying my gel from another seller on Ebay. The strength was 22 percent so it took a few months to see results. After a year, the color didn't change so I had a crown and veneer in the front of my mouth replaced. This was Very costly($2000) but for cosmetic reasons I did it. I recently tried to order my Note White from my usual supplier but he wasn't selling the product anymore. I ran across your product which is a higher concentration than I had been using. I purchased it after reading your great feedback of happy buyers. I used it for 15 minutes the first time and was shocked at the difference in my teeth. I have used it only three times in total and now my veneer and crown, which I thought looked great are yellowish in color. Your whitening gel is SO fantastic I need to spend another $2000 to get my teeth redone. I have recommended you to several people and my dentist as well.
Thanks! Imne-babe

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