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Welcome to The Best TEETH Whitener Whitening available. Our Dental Quality Gel is used by Dental Professionals and People. Get Fast Results...Over 900 million sold #1 Rated Carbamide Peroxide Gel, and 16%, 22%, 36% & 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gel-Professional and Dental Strength Whitening Gel. This is the Freshest and Best TEETH WHITENER, WHITENING Gel YOU CAN BUY. We get You the Best product with guaranteed results. All you need to get results immediately. Please call for any questions.


  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth faster.
  • Lightens teeth dramatically and safely
  • Immediate results
  • The safe and simple 16%, 22%, 36%, & 44 & Carbamide Peroxide gel system
  • Its viscosity adherence to the tooth surface for fast, easy results. The bleaching effect is achieved immediately.
  • Contains desensitizing agent. It acts on the nerve ending, by desensitizing them at the pulp-dentin border, in turn minimizing sensitivity and maximizing patient comfort.
  • We have been selling this Hydrogen & Carbamide Peroxide direct to Dentist throughout world for 10 years.
  • Before today 16%, dentist used 36% & 44% only for chair side treatment.
  • We sell this product direct to the dentist and are now offering for in home use.




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